A close shave.

“Just a nick sir…”

I enjoy a good haircut, it’s one of life’s simple pleasures. I’ve found barbers not only do it better and cheaper than the main street salon, they also don’t talk as much. They understand that if I wanted a conversation I’d have gone to the pub. With spare time on my hands I decided I was due for a treat.  I could have gone to a spa for a massage or any number of rejuvenating treatments, but I opted for something simpler. An old fashioned shave. Continue reading “A close shave.”

The balloonists cycling spectacular.

Bike 1
Plenty of smiles at the start, but even then the clouds were building.

While there has been a distinct lack of any spectacular ballooning at the Canberra Festival this year, there hasn’t been a shortage of other activities for pilots and crew. Some pilots have even been spotted walking to the lookout at Mount Ainslie. And if that’s not physical enough there was once again a record number of participants for the social ride. This year around lake Burley Griffin. Continue reading “The balloonists cycling spectacular.”

When the wheels fall off your chariot.

Of course it will fly.

Gretta has a saying from her days as a skydiver ‘deceased was wearing borrowed gear’. Too many skydivers would borrow their mates parachute and having never used it before, or made themselves familiar with it, jump out of a plane and attempt to work it out on the way down. Needless to say it didn’t always work out well. Continue reading “When the wheels fall off your chariot.”

Canberra Festival here we come.

Festival dinner: more posh than the Oscars

There’s only six sleeps to go until Canberra Festival. This year we’ll be ticking off two firsts. This will be the first time we’ve attended as non-locals and stay in the hotel with the other pilots and crew. And it’ll be the first time we fly without Custard since Gretta became a pilot. Continue reading “Canberra Festival here we come.”

Get yourself an iron

And so it begins…

I’ve spent a bit of time in the last two weeks staying in motel rooms. Not to be confused with fancy city hotels used by the likes of airline cabin crews, I was accommodated in the type of country motels that haven’t been renovated since the 80’s. I don’t mind the retro bathroom with the brown tiles and chunky plastic tap ware, it reminds me of the places my parents managed when we were kids. At the end of the day the rooms are always clean and anything is better that sharing a tent in a base camp. Continue reading “Get yourself an iron”

Office envy

I’m confident my office will end up looking like this.

I’ve got office envy. After a week at our Narrabri branch I’ve realized just how shabby our little office at Moree is compared to the glamourous conditions my colleagues work in every day. Not for them the daily task of vacuuming up a thousand dead crickets. Continue reading “Office envy”

Five ways you’ll save money during a heat wave.

Gonna need SPF 50+ on Wednesday.

I don’t want this to turn into some Sydney v’s Melbourne like contest about who can claim to be Australia’s hottest town. That title belongs to Marble Bar in WA. But it must be said that the weather we are experiencing lately is unprecedented. Having spent the last ten years living in Canberra, and complaining annually about the bitter winters, I confess this summer heat is knocking me around.   Continue reading “Five ways you’ll save money during a heat wave.”

An Australia Day weekend.

Another tough morning

You learn something new every day. I didn’t know for example that you could open a bottle of champagne with a glass. I’ve seen it done with a sword and even a butter knife but never with the base of a champagne flute. All it requires is someone with the know-how and a quality bottle of wine. Luckily, we had both. Continue reading “An Australia Day weekend.”

Carb free in Moree

There’s a side of chips to come, yeah?

I’ve always thought people who work in health food shops look unhappy. I’ve never yet been served by one who smiled back at me or didn’t look like all they needed was a decent meal to cheer them up. I guess being in a perpetual state of hunger will do that to you. I’m starting to know how they feel. Continue reading “Carb free in Moree”

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