October 2017

AI cars better be smart.


Arnie has seen the future of AI cars.

After an interesting and unexpected expedition through the Werakata National Park in the Hunter Valley recently I have lost all faith in our car’s navigation system. For a premium car the navigation and entertainment operating system has always been substandard, as though it was a last-minute thought, knocked up in a hurry by some work experience kid at TAFE. Lucky then that the technicians at Subaru have engineered a superb car that can go anywhere a Toyota Land Cruiser can. Because when the computer decided to take us down a fire trail we really needed that 4WD capability.    Continue reading “AI cars better be smart.”


Home invasion.

Edgarbug[1]Can you believe we’ve been here 12 months already? I had planned to write an insightful piece for the anniversary but was overtaken by a terrifying home invasion which only serves to highlight the pitfalls of living in the country. It was night and still 30˚C outside so I felt the chill on entering the air conditioned living room dressed only in a pair of shorts. Before long I was sitting on the couch wrapped up to my chin in a bunny rug when I suddenly felt a crawling sensation on the back of my neck. Continue reading “Home invasion.”

Behind enemy lines.

Someone has been playing in canola.

‘Leave no man behind.’ This simple statement conjures up images of US warriors giving their all to retrieve fallen comrades Black Hawk Down style. At a recent ballooning weekend in Canowindra one retrieve crew went to similar heroic lengths when a balloon landed deep behind locked gates and nothing was spared to recover it. The balloon that it is. Pilots are a dime a dozen but the kit is well worth the effort of getting back. Continue reading “Behind enemy lines.”

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