September 2017

Gourmet in Gundy

So close to celebrity chef Alastair McLeod.

Community events are good for breaking up the monotony of small town living. Some are better than others but if you are civic minded and go to enough you’ll eventually stumble on a real gem. It should have been so for Moree on a Plate, but at the last minute I got stung with being the weekend duty officer and missed it. When I heard about Gourmet in Gundy I made sure to duck and weave at work so I didn’t miss out a second time. Continue reading “Gourmet in Gundy”


Dissapointment in Armidale

Port and a fire, how civilised.

I feel for the employees of the Australian Pesticides and Veterinary Medicines Authority (APVMA) who are facing the prospect of relocating to Armidale.  After a year of living on the edge of nowhere I thought it would be hard not to be impressed by any town that boasts half a dozen shops and a café. Instead it speaks volumes for Moree that there’s more to a town than what is in its main street. Continue reading “Dissapointment in Armidale”

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