May 2017

The one ton post.

Further investigation was required.

What on earth, I wondered, was a one ton peg? How big was the washing line if the peg weighed a thousand kilos? Seriously, that was my first thought when farmer Joe said to me over the phone ‘Go down the Collarenebri Road and turn right at the sign for the one tone peg, I’m in that paddock.’ Continue reading “The one ton post.”


Need directions?

Moree Map
27 years out of date. Still use it.

Finding the way around a new area can be a little daunting at times. There’s a whole raft of suburbs, streets and points of interest to learn, each with their own short cuts and back alleys that only a local knows about. Ever since Moses took a wrong turn getting out of Egypt cartographers have done their best to ease the plight of travelers with maps, globes, charts and the Navman. These technological advances work wonders in cities, large towns and places with phone reception. But as I have discovered, once you arrive in the outback, you enter a world where the norms of modern road navigation cease to exist. Continue reading “Need directions?”

Macadamia Madness

Look harmless enough don’t they.

Contrary to popular belief, macadamia nuts are dangerous. At least they are if you farm them on the side of a hill. Each kernel is safely contained in a perfectly spherical nut with a steel like constitution.  Scatter these naturally occurring ball bearings around the base of trees planted on a steep slope and you have an accident waiting to happen.  Continue reading “Macadamia Madness”

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