April 2017

It’s showtime.

You’re never too old to swing an axe.

We were warned: don’t expect much from the Moree show. True, it’s no Sydney Royal Easter Show, but it wasn’t packed with thousands of people either. Food prices weren’t inflated and the entry fee was only $5 while parking was free and close to the main gate. Unlike Sydney, the scene wasn’t staged. Here the flies were real. The dust, cattle dogs and smell of horse poo was normal. The stock pens weren’t phony rustic, they truly are neglected and falling down. Continue reading “It’s showtime.”


3rd time is a charm.

20170423_064021 (2)
Gretta with Belinda. Always take a local first time.

It took a hangover and three attempts but we finally got to fly in Moree. Spurred on by our weekend in the Hunter Valley and the barrage of social media posts from everyone flying in Canowindra for the last week, we were determined to start flying in our new home. Continue reading “3rd time is a charm.”

What the fog?

Weather hold is aviator speak for waiting.

The marginal weather days are the worst. The mornings when it’s obvious that flying is on or, when it’s blowing a gale or belting rain, definitely off, are easy. The problem is when you know you will have to get up and troop out to the launch site only to cancel and come home, that are a pain. This morning was just such a day. Continue reading “What the fog?”

A little bit of country.

20170407_114621 (2)
Cathy & Chris with Tamworth’s big golden guitar.

I have it on good authority that Tamworth is nothing like Nashville Tennessee. I’m told that in Nashville there is a country and western singer on every street corner and in every bar. The place is just littered with country music hopefuls playing their hearts out, yearning to be discovered. While Tamworth is far removed from Nashville, it does promote itself as the capital of country music in Australia. So, I was hopeful that a weekend catch up with our American friends Cathy and Chris –who are big music fans—might provide an opportunity to broaden my horizons. Continue reading “A little bit of country.”

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