February 2017

Get yourself an iron

And so it begins…

I’ve spent a bit of time in the last two weeks staying in motel rooms. Not to be confused with fancy city hotels used by the likes of airline cabin crews, I was accommodated in the type of country motels that haven’t been renovated since the 80’s. I don’t mind the retro bathroom with the brown tiles and chunky plastic tap ware, it reminds me of the places my parents managed when we were kids. At the end of the day the rooms are always clean and anything is better that sharing a tent in a base camp. Continue reading “Get yourself an iron”


Office envy

I’m confident my office will end up looking like this.

I’ve got office envy. After a week at our Narrabri branch I’ve realized just how shabby our little office at Moree is compared to the glamourous conditions my colleagues work in every day. Not for them the daily task of vacuuming up a thousand dead crickets. Continue reading “Office envy”

Five ways you’ll save money during a heat wave.

Gonna need SPF 50+ on Wednesday.

I don’t want this to turn into some Sydney v’s Melbourne like contest about who can claim to be Australia’s hottest town. That title belongs to Marble Bar in WA. But it must be said that the weather we are experiencing lately is unprecedented. Having spent the last ten years living in Canberra, and complaining annually about the bitter winters, I confess this summer heat is knocking me around.   Continue reading “Five ways you’ll save money during a heat wave.”

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