January 2017

An Australia Day weekend.

Another tough morning

You learn something new every day. I didn’t know for example that you could open a bottle of champagne with a glass. I’ve seen it done with a sword and even a butter knife but never with the base of a champagne flute. All it requires is someone with the know-how and a quality bottle of wine. Luckily, we had both. Continue reading “An Australia Day weekend.”


Carb free in Moree

There’s a side of chips to come, yeah?

I’ve always thought people who work in health food shops look unhappy. I’ve never yet been served by one who smiled back at me or didn’t look like all they needed was a decent meal to cheer them up. I guess being in a perpetual state of hunger will do that to you. I’m starting to know how they feel. Continue reading “Carb free in Moree”

Got legs, can’t use ’em.


Sennybridge Wales 1997. Warm, dry and injury free.

Sat with the top half of my body in the car with my legs yet to follow I contemplated the fact that the activities of the previous day might not have been so bright. My brain was sending the necessary signals to my legs but they were refusing to respond, at least not without serious protest. I grasped each leg behind the knee and manhandled each in turn into the foot well. It dawned on me then that if I couldn’t even get behind the wheel of a car, how was I going to drive it? Continue reading “Got legs, can’t use ’em.”

Caution: Dead straight road ahead.

Just a quick squirt on the gas…

My motorbike, which has sat neglected at the back of the garage since we got here, is due for registration.  With a company car at my disposal there’s no need to ride to work anymore and given the commute is all of 2km’s, if I didn’t have the car I’d probably be as well to walk to work anyway. To get it ready for the pink slip inspection I decided that we both needed a quick fang to blow out the cobwebs. Continue reading “Caution: Dead straight road ahead.”

Picnic at Cranky Rock

Cranky bloke? He went that way.

Unlike the final chapter of an Australian classic, the end of our outing to a local rock formation was both happy and believable. Without resorting to obscure references to fractures in the space-time continuum we returned safely from our day out with no loose ends to infuriate you, the reader, for the next decade. Continue reading “Picnic at Cranky Rock”

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