November 2016

The girls have it.

Rural towns should have more to offer.

I met some of our local paramedics last week. There is nothing appealing to me about the life of an Ambo. From rubbish hours, worse pay and being vomited on there isn’t much to commend it except saving lives. Young Sarah however, made mopping out the back of an ambulance seem like the most glamorous job on the planet. Continue reading “The girls have it.”


The key to perspective.

I had a problem. Not a life or death problem, like the one a huge huntsman spider was having with an equally huge wasp, but more of your first world, domestic plans have changed at the last-minute kind of problem. As the spider and wasp wrestled about on the hot gravel road I considered my options. Continue reading “The key to perspective.”

Perils of a small town.

I’ll take the small town option thanks.      Image: Shutterstock

I went to the local police station the other day. Don’t panic, I wasn’t in any trouble, it was a routine thing for work. It turned out that Paul, the Senior Sergeant I was talking to, was my neighbour. Well he lives six doors down which around here is the same thing. He knew instantly who I was, where I lived and where I worked. I assumed that was because he was a good copper, but actually, it’s a routine peril of living in a small town. Continue reading “Perils of a small town.”

What’s in a name?

See, I’m not making this up.

If you do a Google search for Oodnadatta you’ll come up with lots of stuff about the Pink Roadhouse in outback South Australia. Along with info about the Witjita National Park and the Simpson Desert you will learn about the famed Oodnadatta track between Marla and Marree; two places you are no doubt familiar with. What you won’t find, is any reference to Oodnadatta in NSW. Continue reading “What’s in a name?”

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