October 2016

5 ways to improve a wine tasting experience.

Drinking with an expert.

‘We make the best Semillon in Australia.’ It was a big call to make, but Esther backed it up by plonking a bottle of white wine with more bling around its neck than Mr T onto the polished wooden counter of the Tyrrell’s winery cellar door.  Continue reading “5 ways to improve a wine tasting experience.”




What would you do with $30,000?

Poor old Custard, our hot air balloon, has been retired due it no longer being airworthy. We are regularly asked when will we be getting a new one. I’d like to say next week as the envelope we have borrowed from friends is much bigger and heavier than we are used to. Every time we fly it I’m a step closer to calling the bank for a loan. Continue reading “30K”

Getting the goods in Goondiwindi.

The Victoria Hotel.

This weekend was our first full weekend off with nothing to do since we arrived in Moree. No going to work, unpacking boxes or setting up house. What did we do? We went to Queensland. Because we could.

Continue reading “Getting the goods in Goondiwindi.”

and we’re back 🙂

Shortly… watch this space.


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